Here’s one more reason why CMA is the NUMBER ONE choice of parents when it comes to martial arts and self defense in the tri-county area:

Coach Margret Sanders and Junior Coach James, learned the Four Stages of Child Development for children 3-4 years old, 5-6 years old, 7-9 years old, and 10-14 years old as well as the Ten Laws of Instruction and the Seven Steps for Teaching a Drill.
Our coaches learned what we can physically and emotionally expect in each age group along with what our goals for them should be. By understanding how the brain chemistry affects learning and various teaching techniques, we can use that knowledge to boost those chemicals to enhance learning.
Reviewing the Melody Shuman Johnson’s “Seven Steps of Teaching a Drill”, we learned how to most effectively teach a drill so that children will WANT to participate and learn. By using these steps, it also guarantees uniformity in our teaching method for all of our CMA instructors when teaching a class.
At different ages, kids have different motor skills & levels of intelligence. By breaking kids up based on these scientific facts - and giving them EXACTLY what they need at each level - class becomes more powerful, fun, and easier than ever!