Chuck Cawthon

Owner & Lead Instructor

Youth Martial Arts, Adult Sho-Kushin Karate, Fitness Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, & MMA.

Chuck and Carolina opened Contemporary Martial Arts, Inc. in 1996. Along with Carolina’s 2 children, Dave Martin and Tanya Martin(now Mrs. Tanya Hudson!), Chuck and Carolina laid down the foundation for what is now considered one of the best, most complete martial arts’ curriculum for kids/adults in the Southeast. Competing in sport karate, grappling and full contact kickboxing tournaments, CMA was raising eyebrows from their very first tournament! While competing in the SC Sport Karate Circuit, CMA students won over DOZENS SC STATE TITLES in EVERY DIVISION FROM WHITE BELT TO BLACK BELT before the SC Sport Karate Circuit faded away. CMA students won STATE TITLES in: freestyle forms, traditional forms, musical forms, weapon forms, musical weapon forms, and point sparring! It only took 3 short years for Contemporary Martial Arts, Inc.(CMA) to be ranked by NBL/SKIL as one of the TOP 25 SPORT KARATE SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD, coming in at #15! The next 4 years CMA was ranked in the TOP 25 SPORT KARATE SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD as well, and the last year CMA competed in sport karate, we were ranked #12! During the short time CMA competed in sport karate, we produced well OVER A DOZEN WORLD CHAMPIONS in freestyle forms, traditional forms, musical forms, weapon forms, musical weapon forms, and point sparring.

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Carolina Cawthon

Owner & Lead Instructor
Adult Sho-Kushin Karate, Fitness Kickboxing

Carolina Cawthon is living proof that no statistics are carved in stone. After dropping out of high school before the age of 16, due to pregnancy of her first child, Carolina's first stop was obtaining her high-school GED. Her second voyage began when she started college in her mid-40s. Carolina got accepted into UGA after a year at Athens Tech. She eventually became an honor graduate with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor's degree in dietetics and a minor in biochemistry and molecular biology!

She is currently completing practice and research on the gut microbiota to earn a PHD in foods and nutrition from her alma mater. And if that isn't astounding enough, she did all of her first four years of college while working full time and teaching fitness classes six days per week.

It is rare to find someone even half Carolina's age who could keep up this type of killer schedule. She started martial arts under David “Chip” Prather, where she met Chuck Cawthon, her future husband, who was Prather’s assistant. Through dedication and sweat equity, she attained her black belt before the age of 40. Further, she embarked on a kickboxing career at 42 that saw her amass a 6-0 record and become the Georgia State Kickboxing Champion. Sports physiologists, by the way, have often pointed out that women, especially marathoners, can bear more pain in competition after having children. Now, those same sports psychologists, because of Carolina, will have to study a mama bear's ability to dish out pain too. Carolina Cawthon is living proof of the martial arts anthem, “Knocked down eight times, get up nine.” Her personal take on her success can best summed up by her own words. “With a little determination and hard work, even the 'wrong' path can lead you to the right place,” she concludes.

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Tanya Martin Hudson

Youth Martial Arts & Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Instructor:

Dave Martin

Youth Martial Arts & Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Instructor:

Margaret Shippen Sanders

Lil Dragons Program, Youth Martial Arts & Adult
Sho-Kushin Karate Instructor:

F1985—Graduated from Agnes Scott College, Phi Beta Kappa, with B.A. in history.
1989 - Graduated from UGA School of Law with J.D.
1989-1996—Practiced law in Appalachian Judicial Circuit.

Coach Margaret Shippen Sanders

- 2002—Began cardio kickboxing with Carolina Cawthon at CMA.
- 2003—Began karate training.
- 2007—2013—In addition to classes, trained privately with CMA black belt, Dave Martin.
- 2013—Private boxing lessons with Brandon Chuck Cawthon.
- 2014—Attended National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Summer Training Conference at North Central College in Naperville, IL, which included two-day conference on training to become a self-defense instructor with Joanne Factor (owner of Strategic Living) as well as several Jiu Jitsu classes with Lori O’Connell (owner of Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu and author of When the Fight Goes to the Ground among other books) and Candace Rushton (owner of Inner Strengths Jiu Jitsu).
- 2015—Earned CMA Black Belt.
- 2015-present—Director of CMA’s Lil’ Dragons program.
- 2017-Bo staff seminar with Peyton Floyd.
- 2017—Taught 8-week women’s self-defense class at CMA.
- 2017-present—CMA Leadership Program Coordinator.
- 2018—Attended the Martial Arts Super Show, Las Vegas, NV, which included seminars on teaching martial arts to young children with Melody Shuman (developer of the age-specific SKILLZ program) and leadership development for martial arts schools with Dave Kovar (author of The Martial Arts Instructor’s Toolkit).
- 2018—Attended BJJ seminar led by Jimmy Fowler.

Kennedy Williams

Lil Dragon Instructor & Sho-Kushin Karate Instructor:

Coach Kennedy Williams:

At 7 years old I started karate at Contemporary Martial Arts as a Little Dragon. At age 8, I began bo staff and started taking private lessons from Peyton Floyd and Kody Seinkbell. I have competed in bo staff, traditional katas, and sparring and jujitsu tournaments. I have been involved in various karate demonstrations through fall festivals, school activities and parades. At age 9, I started helping in the little dragon classes as an assistant. At age 12, I tested for my junior black belt. At this point, I continued teaching classes and began teaching private lessons. At age 15, I tested and received my Sho-Kushin black belt. Currently at age 17, I am teaching in the Little Dragon program and the teenager class. I am also involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I am working towards my blue belt in Jiu Jitsu as well as a CMA black belt.

I am a junior at Franklin County High School where I am class president for the FCHS class of 2020 and am actively involved in student council. I am involved in the FCHS Marching Band Color Guard, where I have served as Color Guard captain for the past 2 years. I am a member of Future Business Leaders of America where I have served as secretary and treasurer. I am also involved in Anchor Club where I have served as secretary and currently hold the officer position of president elect. I have been a part of the FCHS Wrestling team for 3 years where I am currently the head manager. For the past 3 years, I was voted by my peers to represent my class on Homecoming and Lion Court. I am also involved in dual enrollment classes through North Georgia Technical College, Toccoa Falls, and Emmanuel College. When I graduate Franklin Country High School, I plan to pursue a degree in counseling from the University of Georgia.

I attend Liberty Baptist Church in Carnesville Georgia, where I am involved in Life Groups, the Skit Team, and teaching AWANA.

Outside of karate, I enjoy spending time with my family where we ride four wheelers, hunt, fish and work in our family owner business, Northeast Georgia Pools.

Karate has been a huge party of my life as well as my family. My dad, James Williams has a black belt in Sho-Kushin karate under Chuck Cawthon and David Prather, and my brothers take karate as well.

CeeJay Hamilton

High School Wrestling: - 3 time state placer, earning state runner up as a senior. Freestyle state champ.

College Wrestling:
- 2x NCWA National Champion (most outstanding wrestler of the tournament as a freshman) NCAA all American (5th place) Midlands Invitational competitor (invite only)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:
- Received blue belt from Adam Singer, currently purple belt under Jimmy Fowler.
- Newbreed Jiu Jitsu Advanced No Gi Champion.

- GFC Bantamweight Champion

- Valor Pro Fighter of the Year
- Georgia Fighters Flyweight Champion
- NFC Flyweight Champion
- Valor Flyweight Champion
- Dana Whites Contender Series Veteran
- 3 time LFA Veteran
- Titan FC Veteran

CeeJay Hamilton is currently a full time professional athlete and also works at CMA as our After School Martial Arts Director overseeing and teaching karate, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. CeeJay is also CMA's Head Wrestling Coach.

Zach Hill


One of Jigoro Kano’s (Judo’s founder!) original students/black belts was the coach to Charlie Hall (Zach’s Judo coach) making Zach directly connected to Judo’s founder as a 5th generation Judoka!

Coach Zach Hill:
- Started Judo 2003
- Black belt in 2008
- Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jimmy Fowler March 2019
- 15 state championships in 4 different states(Georgia, SC, NC, Tennessee)
- Placed 8th in Junior Nationals
- 30 plus Gold medals in black belt division
- 1st place at Kakuto Challenge in the Judo Division(Lightweight)
- Trained multiple state champions in various states.
- One student placing 5th in junior nationals
- Helps coach high level wrestlers at Franklin County Middle School
- Assistant coach to professional and amatur Mixed Martial Arts fighters as well as being a training partner for them, at Contemporary Martial Arts.

Antoine Orsley

Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Assistant Instructor:

Coach Antoine Orsley:
- Started martial arts in 98.
- Received black belt in 2004.
- Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jimmy Fowler March 2019
- Point fighter, semi contact kickboxing, low kick rules kickboxing and submission grappler.
- Competitive runner
- Former 10 year AFPA personal trainer
- Deputy Sheriff since 2015, started law enforcement in 07.
- Graduated Ashford University in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Sports and Recreation management.

Bob Boy

Youth Martial Arts & Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Assistant Instructor:

Coach Bob Boy is one of CMA's FIRST black belts and has competed in karate tournaments, helped train CMA's tournament champions for years, and has been an instructor at CMA for over a decade. He has also taught martial arts in his Physical Education classes at HCMS and HCHS.

Jeff Falke

Adult Sho-Kushin Karate

Jeffrey Falke began his martial arts studies with Isshin-ryu, under Rick Ross in South Florida. After 4 years of study, Jeffrey went to college. During college, Jeffrey studied Judo, American Freestyle Karate and Jiu-Jitsu for another 3 years. Jeffrey then traveled the East Coast of the U.S. building a career. Then, at the age of 43, he returned to martial arts and started studying as a white belt under Chuck Cawthon at Contemporary Martial Arts.

Jeffrey is an active student in most of our programs here at CMA:
- Sho-Kushin Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and MMA
- Jeff trains with, and supports, the CMA fight team, a group dedicated to traditional competition and MMA and often travels to help corner our amateur and professional fighters

Jim Robinson

1st Cornerman for MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts, Wrestling Coach:

Rebecca Hart

CMA black belt, morning Fitness Kickboxing Instructor

Fitness kickboxing began early 2009
Kyokushin/Shotokan began February 2010
Muay Thai began March 2010

Coach Rebecca Hart:

Muay Thai wins:
- January 2011 vs Laurie Cahill in Manhattan, NY
- March 2011 Vs Mary Matia in Greenville, SC
- April 2011 Muay Thai Laurie Cahill in Manhattan, NY

Kickboxing titles:
- May 2011 Kickboxing tournament in Simpsonville, SC Champion

Full Contact Karate:
- November 2013 Kyokushin Karate in Oakwood, GA Win – TKO(head kick)
- May 2014 Kyokushin Karate in Oakwood, GA. Win – TKO (knee)

Earned CMA Black belt: 2015
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
Karate Instructor

Tenia Workman

Morning Fitness Kickboxing Instructor:

Tanya Grant

Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Assistant Instructor:

Elliott Brown

Adult Sho-Kushin Karate Assistant Instructor:

Junior Instructors:

James Goldau

James began training in Taekwondo when he was 5 years old and hasbeen training for 10 years. He enjoys his time training, assistant coaching, and attending seminars at CMA.

- Jr. Black Belt in Taekwondo

- 3rd. Degree CMA Jr. Black Belt

- Yellow belt / white stripe Jiu Jitsu Belt

- 3rd Level Leadership Patch

- Lil Dragons Assistant Coach

- Sho-Kushin Karate Assistant Coach

- Trains 4 days per week in Sho-Kushin Karate

- Trains 3 days per week in Jiu-Jitsu

- Has competed in 3 Jiu-Jitsu tournaments (placed in the top three each time)

- Assistant Coach at CMA summer camps for 2 years

Has participated in numerous seminars:
- Bo Staff
- Muay Thai
- Jiu-Jitsu
- Bunkai

Braydon Evans

Sho-Kushin Karate Junior Instructors:

CMA Fitness Partners and Owners of Contemporary Athletics:
Contemporary Athletics is located in the same building as Contemporary Martial Arts and is run by husband and wife team Ryan and Jennifer Haley.

Ryan Haley

Jennifer Haley