Chuck is a great friend and a well rounded martial artist...

“Chuck is a great friend and a well rounded martial artist. His knowledge of the kicking game and the fighting aspects of karate and how they integrate into combat sports can help any fighter improve. Chuck is one of the best at both using the sport karate style in combat sports as well as devising strategies to deal with this style of opponent. I know that if one of my fighters is going up against a karate based fighter Chuck is my first phone call.”

~ Adam Singer

Head Coach of Straight Blast Gym(SBG) Athens in Athens, Georgia. He is a member of the Georgia Mixed Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, multiple “Trainer of the Year” awards in Georgia, and also original trainer of former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin.

Chuck Cawthon is legitimately one of the best martial arts instructors I have ever known...

“Chuck Cawthon is legitimately one of the best martial arts instructors I have ever known. His students wether it be karate, kickboxing or MMA are second to none and his commitment to teaching the intricate details of combat sports are truly world class. He sets an example for all of us to follow”.

~ Brian Plempel

4 x World karate Champion & multi school owner

We had Chuck out to show us some next level kicking and we were not disappointed...

“We had Chuck out to show us some next level kicking and we were not disappointed. There were all experience levels at the seminar we hosted and everyone walked away with increased knowledge and skill. We can't wait to have him back.”

~ Phillipe Gentry

Georgia Fighters’ “Trainer of the Year”
Head Coach/Owner
Straight Blast Gym Buford

Chuck Cawthon has a very unique and successful approach...

“Chuck Cawthon has a very unique and successful approach to blending traditional martial arts techniques and ideas with modern arts and sport essentials. He is a fantastic coach. He also does a great job of keeping the training legit while keeping the mood light. Five stars.”

~ Stephen Upchurch

Instructor/Trainer/Coach at KnuckleUp Fitness Buckhead, Georgia

“As I began martial arts at CMA in 1996, I did not know what I was getting into...

“As I began martial arts at CMA in 1996, I did not know what I was getting into. I walked into a very small building on North Forest Ave. It was the thick of summer. here was no central air or even a window unit—only a large industrial fan. The ceilings were low and there was a pole wrapped with styrofoam and covered in duct tape—later I would learn this is the what we practiced kicks on. There were no girls in karate class, except Carolina and Tanya. There was a weird looking man with very long dark curly hair wearing a black belt. I was 7 years old and wasn’t sure what the heck my parents were getting me into. But as time went on, I would learn this was more than just karate classes.

CMA grew and I grew with it. The karate school was not only a place of learning martial arts, practicing discipline and patience, and building teamwork skills—it was a place for me to build confidence, build relationships, and be the person I wanted to be! It was a place to be a part of an unbelievable martial arts family. To this day, it still is all of these things! It is amazing to watch how this karate school continues to grow and thrive.

None of this would be or would have been possible without that weird curly-haired man! I spent 12 years of my life spending almost every day at CMA with this man. He pushed me in karate classes until I learned to be confident in myself and then pushed me some more. He traveled to karate tournaments and stood on the sidelines yelling my name and waiting to give me a hug no matter how I placed. He taught me how to throw a sidekick and show boys that girls can fight, too. He helped me go from attending karate camps all day in the summers and staying to attend karate classes in the evenings TO teaching karate camps all day and then teaching karate classes in the evenings. He trained me and believed in me for one of the hardest days of my life—my black belt test. Chuck, you have always believed in me, & I would not be the person I am today without you. When you started this school, you had passion and a dream. That is what has built CMA into the school it is today. This school has changed the lives of SO many people and continues to do so. Thank you for never giving up on your dream.”

~ Pamela Getman

Student Parent

“So thankful for the coaches..."

“So thankful for the coaches Chuck Cawthon Dozier Hamilton and coach Boy for taking Noah Morris under their wing to help him grow and train as a all around well rounded sho-kushin student and BJJ grappler. 6 months ago he was a totally different young boy down on self confidence and self esteem he has truly come back out of his shell to his old teenager ways. Lol lawd help. Also specially thank you to everyone in the classes for befriending him and helping him feel welcomed. Truly means a lot to all of us his family. And so proud of the progress he is making."

~ Nikki Crittendon

Student & Aunt