Local Fighter Wins in Texas

Speed, eluxiveness and consistently accurate striking propelled CeeJay Hamilton to victory on June 21 at State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas... ~ Hartwell Sun

Wrestler takes 1st place in 2 Divisions

Contemporary Martial Arts wrestler Kenly Eavenson earned first place in Freestyle and first place in Greco Roman style in the 97-lbs, 14 years old and up division at the 1st Chance Qualifier Tournament in Hiram on Saturday, April 13. Kenly is coached in wrestling at Contemporary Martial Arts by CeeJay Hamilton ~ Hartwell Sun

Martial Artist Takes First Place

Contemporary Martial Arts junior student Kenly Evasnson competed at the IPPON Open on Saturday, March 30th in Peachtree City. Evanson competed in both Judo and Jiu Jitsu where he won first place in the 88-96 pound weight class for Jiu Jitsu and also first place in the 14-year class for Judo. He is coached by Judo by CMA Judo coach Zach Hill, and his coached in Jiu Jitsu by CMA head coach Chuck Cawthon.

Hartwell-based wrestling coach an MMA champ

Squeezing with all his might, he reluctantly lets go as the referee steps in to stop the fight. He is shouting furiously because he thought his opponent was still fighting, when really he had choked him unconscious by utilizing a rear naked choke, so the referee had to intervene. In this moment — CeeJay “The Autobot” Hamilton claimed his third professional title as a mixed martial arts fighter. “I had to prove to myself that I’m still here,” Hamilton said about the fight.

The 32-year-old moved his professional mixed martial arts record to 14-7 on March 8 after defeating Jason Faglier in the second round via rear naked choke in the National Fighting Championship’s Flyweight Championship bout at Center Stage in Atlanta.

The Hartwell Sun Online ~ By: Grayson Williams

National Fighting Champion

Contemporary Martial Arts' Ceejay Hamilton defeated Jason Faglier in the second round of their NFC Flyweight title bout to win his third professional title on March 8 at Center Stage in Atlanta. Amateur fighter Timothy Cureton suffered his first loss in MMA as he fought up a weight class to meet a heavier Demetri Miller.

Newbreed Ultimate Grappling Challenge

Three junior students from Chuck Cawthon's Contemporary Martial Arts competed at the Newbreed Ultimate Grappling Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Tournament on March 9 in McDonough at Union Grove High School. They were coached by CMA's Junior Jiu-Jitsu instructor CeeJay Hamilton. In no gi competition, Kenya Harris, right, earned second place, Addison Krasuse, center, earned second place and Harrison Krause, left finished third place. In gi competition, Harrison Krause placed first, Kenyon Harris earned third place and Addison Krause finished third as well.

Martial Artist Place Wellas Tourney

Eight students from Chuck Cawthon's Contemporary Martial Arts in Hartwell competed in an Inter-Club Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Tournament held at Jimmy Fowlers Rovoluation Martial Arts and Performance Fitness Center in Inman, S.C. on Saturday, Feb. 9th. Pictured are CMA students who attended the tournament: front row, Harrison Krause - 1st place in three divisions (position only, submission only, no gi submission only), Kenyon Harris - 2nd place in three divisions (position only, submission only, no gi submission only), Addison Krause - rd plae in two divisions (position only, submission only), back row, Brandon Moss - 1st place in two divisions (men's White Belt: gi Submission only, no gi Submission Only), Chase Pritchett - 1st place in two divisions (Men's White / Blue belt gi Submission Only, Men's Beginner / Intermediate no gi Submission Only), Brandon O'Connell: 2nd place (men's no gi Purple Belt Submission Only), Stephen Moss - 1st Place (Men's gi Beginner Submission Only).

CMA Wrestling 2018 Season

Wow!!! These 2 brothers represented CMA wrestling well this past season! Brody(big brother) finished the season with 25 wins!! Dawson(little brother) finished the season with 50 wins!! Did I mention this is a family affair? Their dad is also in our wrestling program with coach Cee Jay Hamilton, and he along with their granddad are also two of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students!

Greenville Newbreed Tournament

Left: Harrison Krause: First place in the 10/11 year old beginner grey belt gi division. First place in the 10/11 year old no gi beginner division.

Right: Kenyon Harris: Second place in the 12/13 year old Intermediate grey belt division. Third place in the 12/13 year old intermediate no gi division. *Kenyon is only 11 years old, but had to compete against older, more experienced boys because of no one in his age/rank division.

Another THANK YOU to coach Jimmy Fowler for filling in for me in my absence!!

Martial Artist Place at Competition

Chuck Cawthon's Contemporary Martial Arts sent four students to compete on Feb. 2nd at Scott's American Martial Arts Emerald City Karate Invitational in Greenwood, S.C. Seth Howard, back left, took first place in weapons forms, empty hand forms and sparring, all in the men's intermediate division. Anddreas Goldau, Back right, took first place in the men's beginner sparring divison. Joshua Bravo, front left took first place in sudden victory point fighting and third place in point fighting, both in the boys intermediate division. Bella Blackmon, front right, finished in third place in point sparring and second place in forms, both in girls' beginner division.

The Amazing Couple That Turned Countless Tragedies Into Triumph!

Despite being struck with obstacles that would drive most of us to our knees, Georgia's Chuck and Carolina Cawthon ultimately proved they are world-class survivors. Over a lifetime of adversity that would KO most warriors, like a real-life Rocky Chuck always got off the ground and fought for his life. So did his wife. It is what has made them winners in life and in their school business, Contemporary Marital Arts in Hartwell, GA.
~ By Sydney Quinn
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